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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cain and Abel, who is to blame?

The concept that god is all knowing gets glossed over with this story. God is all knowing. He is fully aware that Cain will kill Abel. He knows why Cain will kill Abel. Does he warn Abel? Does he mention to Adam and Eve that Cain is unstable? Does he give a talk to Cain about the evils of pride and killing? Does he offer Cain some compliments to make him feel better about himself? No, he does nothing.
He is all powerful and all knowing. He knows that people makes mistakes, after all, he is still mad about the whole eating of the forbidden fruit thing. But he does nothing.
Yet the debate is focused on Cain. The debate should be focused on god. He is the only one in the story who knows what will happen and he is also the only one who can change it. But he does nothing.
Christians say that god is all knowing, but they really do not comprehend what the concept means.

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