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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christians and divorce

Divorce—The grave sin of divorce condemns those who divorce and remarry (Matthew 5:32) and those who divorce in the civil sense (except by grave dispensation). Hence divorce between two baptized Christians is a mortal sin. Yet, many Christians get divorced. 

Barna report: Variation in divorce rates among Christian faith groups: 

Denomination (in order of decreasing divorce rate) 
% who have been divorced 

Non-denominational **34% 
Mainline Protestants25% 
** Barna uses the term "non-denominational" to refer to Evangelical Christian congregations that are not affiliated with a specific denomination. The vast majority are fundamentalist in their theological beliefs. More info. 

So, Christians rail against all sorts of evils because they are sins according to their belief system. Yet divorce is also a sin according to their belief system. Yet, they are willing to get divorced in large numbers. Why the hypocrisy?

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