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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cause and effect

I get comments like this all the time. "In 1962, this nation was foolish enough to allow the highest court in our land to let one atheist woman convince them, when it wasn’t their call to begin with-it should have been the peoples decision, to invite God and His Son out of our schools, and our homes, and our nation. Since then, we have meandered along like a drunk man for approximately a generation before we began to come apart at the seams. If America, like Israel, continues to thumb our nose in the face of God and His Son, then we are just starting to see the beginnings of our trials and tribulations."

In 1954, the Pledge of Allegiance was altered with the words "under god" being added. In 1957, our currency was altered with "in god we trust" being added. Since you feel that country has been moving to a more troubled state since 1962, you could just as easily say that it was the addition of these words that has caused our problems.  It would also be as wrong as your initial claim, as it uses the same incorrect application of cause and effect.

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