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Thursday, March 3, 2011

How does an animal know what they should evolve next?

Every day, there are comments made by Creationists that are so idiotic, that they need to be commented on. Here is one such example:  "In the case of mating displays, why would the cuttlefish evolve an elaborate display of color for the purpose of attracting a mate when no cuttlefish originally had this ability or know that it would work?"

Know that it would work? This demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of evolution. There is no knowledge of what is needed or will work. It is a random event. If the mutation provides a benefit, it gets passed on. If not, it dies off. A beneficial trait may also die off due to a bad set of circumstances. But there is no conscious knowledge of what is needed or required.

It would be humorous except that millions of people actually listen to these idiots.

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