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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Who believes in a one world government?

One of the big fears that Christians often attribute to Muslims is that their religion demands that Muslims take over the world. I am not sure why this seems to be unusual to Christians. After all, what is humorous about this is that Christianity has the same requirement and goal. In fact, since the bible, in the book of Revelations, states that Jesus will return to earth and usher in a one world government, it is absurd for them to claim anything differently. According to the Dictionary of the Bible Revelation "accurately foretells what will happen in the last days of history before the end of the world." The Illustrated Bible Dictionary is of similar opinion: "happenings that will take place in connection with the second coming of the Lord . . . leads up to the final establishment of the rule of God. The Book of Revelation envisages terrific opposition to God and the believers, but that in the end God will triumph over every evil thing. Let us not forget what is stated in  Philippians 2:10: "that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth". After all, Revelations also says the following: "The seventh angel sounded his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, which said:  “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Messiah, and he will reign for ever and ever.”. That is pretty straightforward, without much room for ambiguity.

Now, I am sure that in their mind the difference is that Muslims worship a false god and Christians worship the one true god, therefore, there is a huge difference between the two. However, as with most of the supposed differences between Islam and Christianity, there is no real difference here at all.

So, what can we expect this reign of Jesus to be like? After all, Jesus is a kind and loving person, right? Actually, contrary to the idea of Jesus being a gentle, loving person who cares for all mankind, the bible actually presents a different image. Here in Revelation 9, we have a description of what Jesus has planned for all the unbelievers.

"The fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from the sky to the earth. The star was given the key to the shaft of the Abyss. 2 When he opened the Abyss, smoke rose from it like the smoke from a gigantic furnace. The sun and sky were darkened by the smoke from the Abyss. 3 And out of the smoke locusts came down on the earth and were given power like that of scorpions of the earth. 4 They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads. 5 They were not allowed to kill them but only to torture them for five months. And the agony they suffered was like that of the sting of a scorpion when it strikes. 6 During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.
7 The locusts looked like horses prepared for battle. On their heads they wore something like crowns of gold, and their faces resembled human faces. 8 Their hair was like women’s hair, and their teeth were like lions’ teeth. 9 They had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the thundering of many horses and chariots rushing into battle. 10 They had tails with stingers, like scorpions, and in their tails they had power to torment people for five months. 11 They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek is Apollyon (that is, Destroyer).

12 The first woe is past; two other woes are yet to come.
13 The sixth angel sounded his trumpet, and I heard a voice coming from the four horns of the golden altar that is before God. 14 It said to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.” 15 And the four angels who had been kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year were released to kill a third of mankind. 16 The number of the mounted troops was twice ten thousand times ten thousand. I heard their number.
17 The horses and riders I saw in my vision looked like this: Their breastplates were fiery red, dark blue, and yellow as sulfur. The heads of the horses resembled the heads of lions, and out of their mouths came fire, smoke and sulfur. 18 A third of mankind was killed by the three plagues of fire, smoke and sulfur that came out of their mouths. 19 The power of the horses was in their mouths and in their tails; for their tails were like snakes, having heads with which they inflict injury.
20 The rest of mankind who were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demons, and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood—idols that cannot see or hear or walk. 21 Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, their sexual immorality or their thefts.

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