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Saturday, April 28, 2012

I was watching some Disney videos with my my daughter when it occurred to me that these videos are a wonderful example of the stupidity of the idea that the bible is accurate since it has 66 books written by different people about the same concept.

As this You Tube posting shows, Disney videos also show that different people can write about the same topic and agree with each other. These videos show that people from different backgrounds can find love with someone they are not remotely similar to.

Now, does that mean these videos were divinely inspired? Of course not. It only means that people writing about a similar topic can often agree with each other. The same thing is true about the bible. What is very amusing about the bible is the number of stories that were discarded even though they were also claimed to be divinely inspired. It seems that the final determination of what is divinely inspired relies on mere humans to determine.

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