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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What was Jesus's sacrifice?

Tell me exactly what sacrifice an all knowing, all powerful god made by agreeing to being sacrificed on the cross. Was it that he died? According to the story he defied death. He is supposedly an all powerful, omnipotent god. If he could not defy death, he would not be very omnipotent or all powerful. And since he was all knowing, he surely knew he would be back in 3 days. Did the Trinity get reduced to a Duality while Jesus was dead? If not, then he was never really out of the picture. What was the actual sacrifice? Being inconvenienced for three days? (It was actually only two days, but let us not digress) If he made an actual sacrifice, that implies he gave up something. So, what did he actually give up? It's not a sacrifice if you take it back. And yet, the Christians claim Jesus made the most ultimate and perfect sacrifice. Is there anything more absurd than this? Besides, if in fact Jesus was God, and God is all powerful, then Jesus could have easily stopped his killers at any time. Therefore, the death of Jesus is more correctly labeled as a suicide. 

I know you say he supposedly died for your sins to be absolved. But how is that exactly? Christians parrot that statement ad nauseam

Why do you suppose God waited so long to send Himself down in the form of Jesus in order to save humanity from Original Sin? Why didn't Jesus appear in the generation immediately following Cain and Abel, when the number of persons on earth could be counted on one hand? Or he could have come after he killed nearly everyone in the world with the Flood. The task of convincing people that Jesus was in fact God would have been effortless. In such a scenario, every human ever born would have a much fairer chance of attaining salvation. Because of God's failure to do this, however, the vast majority of people who ever lived were doomed without hope. 

When is enough punishment enough? How much will the God of Love inflict upon His children? First there was the Fall from Grace. That was supposed to be the ultimate punishment, when mankind became separated from the presence of God and cast out of the Garden of Eden. When that did not succeed, God sent the Great Flood, and killed virtually every human on earth. When that did not cleanse the world of wickedness, Jesus came to earth and taught mankind about the fires and torments of Hell. This tactic is obviously failing, and we are told that even Hell is not enough punishment and suffering; for it is written that Armageddon and Judgment Day are yet to come. If God's justice was totally satisfied with the sacrifice of Jesus, as Christian Doctrine teaches, then why all the horror, torture and killing that is yet to come at Armageddon, where nearly everyone on earth, Christian and infidel, will be subject to pain, suffering and death? The reason is that I suppose that once you have a taste for a certain habit, it is difficult to stop. And Yahweh has certainly demonstrated that He has acquired that taste. 

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