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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Does god abide sin?

God’s holy nature cannot abide sin. I have read this statement about the biblical god for years. He hates sin and punishes people who do sin. But how realistic is this statement? 

If the biblical god really hated sin and could not abide it, then why the creation of the universe? The concept of god is that he is perfection. He has been and will be perfect for all eternity. He is also considered to be all knowing. That means that he knew that the creation he was going to make would be corrupted by sin. But how is that possible since he cannot abide sin? We are asked to believe that a perfect god decided to proceed with the creation of the universe, even thought this creation would insert sin into the universe. And this god cannot abide sin! I submit this is an absurdity. Either god can abide sin, since it is so abundant in the universe he created, or the idea that the biblical god cannot abide sin is without merit. I would say that the actual fact is that there is no god behind the curtain, but let us stay with this idea for the time being. 

Consider the elements of sin that he has allowed by creating the universe. Creates Lucifer who rebels against him. Sin!  Creates Adam and Eve who disobey him. Sin! Kills everyone to fix the problem except a righteous person but ends up with the exact same problems of people sinning. Instead of showing that god cannot abide sin, this shows a god who wallows in sin. He obviously loves sin.

The standard Christian response about sin is that humans are responsible. However, that glosses over two points. First, Lucifer rebelled before the humans did. Therefore, mankind is NOT responsible for sin. We are being punished for something that we did not originate. We are also being punished for something others did, which the bible says should not occur. Children are not punished for the sins committed by their parents; neither are parents punished for the sins of their children. Each of us is responsible for our own sins.

Ezekiel 18:20

Second, and this is the most important point, god knew all this would occur before he started with the creation week. God was fully and completely aware that all this would happen (he is all knowing after all). However, he decided to go forward and start the process that will end up with sin being introduced into his "perfect" and previously sinless universe. However, keep another important point in mind. This god cannot ABIDE sin. Not the least little tiny sin, can he abide. It is like a germaphobe deciding to live in an unflushed toilet filled with crap. It could not happen because this god would never abide sin, according to the fable. 

The entire story is one absurd premise on top of another. 

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  1. Another thing people often overlook is the fact that God HIMSELF sins all throughout the bible. He viciously murders entire villages for a single sin. If he cannot even abide me thinking lustfully about someone for a passing moment, how is it okay for this sinless God to murder countless numbers of people