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Monday, March 12, 2012

Women fake moans to end sex early, boost male ego

The restaurant scene from "When Harry Met Sally" taught us that women's cries of ecstasy in the midst of the final wrap-up may not exactly be authentic. But it's not just during orgasm (fake or otherwise) when ladies turn the auditory effects up a notch. According to a study on "copulatory vocalization," 66 percent of women surveyed said they moaned during earlier stages of sex to speed up their partner's climax, while 87 percent did so to boost his self-esteem. "Women also reported making noise to relieve boredom ... [and] fatigue," researchers state. Dr. Ruth can't resist weighing in, tweeting an invaluable clue for drawing out real peals of pleasure: "Most women have orgasm during foreplay."

Sigh, so it is not our amazing skills in bed????? How depressing.

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