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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The fight of the century.

And they come out swinging. Protestant vs. Catholic in a no holds barred, barefisted knuckle fight. Protestant throws out a left jab with the absurdity of the RCC rules and follows up with a hay maker calling the RCC a false church. However, Catholic stands his ground and throws back with a powerful right cross of Christ himself establishing the RCC and the first Pope. Two mighty warriors, slugging it out for the title belt of Who does Jesus like more.

This looks like an epic fight, and we will be right here reporting it for you. Ouch, Protestant leads with a smashing blow of evil papacy and priests molesting children. That one had to hurt. But Catholic is standing firm. He launches several body blows with Evangelical preachers involved in scandals. Truly a fight for the history books, which is of course, what they are fighting to claim control of. This is a fight that is going to go the distance. It is exciting to be part of this historic battle. Catholic throws an uppercut to jaw with sheer number of believers. Protestant responds with a blow to the kidneys with the Inquisition.

As the bloody fighters circle around each other, looking for an opening, there is a commotion in the background. What could be happening? Wow, this is a surprise. The judges have called off the match because it turns out that the title belt of Who does Jesus like more is based on a myth. Therefore, the fight is completely pointless. The fighters are being retired and rational thinking has actually won the day.

When Catholics and Protestants start arguing over who has the right version of god, it is like listening to people argue over if the Golden Age Superman or Modern Day Superman is the one true Superman.

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