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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Jesus Christ show

In Southern California, there is a radio show that is on Sunday mornings called the Jesus Christ show. The host, who plays the role of Jesus, takes calls and answers questions as if he really was Jesus. I have turned it on occasionally as I am driving around, and there are always callers on the show who go along and interact with him as if he really was Christ.

I have admit, it has always puzzled me who the audience is for this show. The ratings for the show always seem to be good. I can't imagine that atheists or people of other religions would care what this persons opinion was. Obviously, since he is not Jesus, his opinion is no different than any other person, albeit, that he probably has a background in scriptures. I also cannot imagine that Christians play along with this. I would think they would be outraged that someone is pretending to be their lord. However, the calls I have heard seem to be from Christians.

If there are any Christians who listen to this show, can you explain why you are not upset with this premise?

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