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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is Atheism the same as Liberalism?

Simple answer - no.

However, let us flesh that response out a little more. Atheism is a disbelief in god(s) and has nothing to say about political viewpoints. Liberalism is a political viewpoint and has nothing to say about a belief in god. Are there liberal atheists? Of course, however, there are also conservative atheists and atheists across the entire political spectrum. However, here in the USA, this charge gets thrown about repeatedly, mostly by theists. It is often stated as fact without any understanding of the political viewpoints of the atheist.

For example, I consider myself Libertarian. Specifically, I am fiscally conservative and socially moderate. However, I vote Republican in elections. (Disclaimer, I did vote for Clinton for his first term. I was upset with Bush, Sr. for going against his no new taxes pledge.) Primarily, this is because voting Libertarian is a wasted vote. On most issues, I find myself more in agreement with Republican principles than Democratic ones. I actually consider Libertarian viewpoints the most logical, but again, a wasted vote.

I am in favor of smaller government, lower taxes and states’ rights. I am sick to death of political correctness. I am firmly convinced that government union salaries and pensions are one of the primary reasons that have brought this state (CA) and country to its knees financially. I am also pro-choice and in favor of birth control education. However, I do not believe the government should provide money for a woman to get an abortion. (As an aside, if people really want to reduce the number of abortions done in this country, then they should be completely in favor of more birth control education. However, the people who scream about abortion also scream about birth control education. Sorry, but people will continue to have sex. We should provide them the best information we have on this topic.)

I certainly do not consider myself a Liberal. It would be refreshing if theists could learn the difference between the concepts.

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