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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Are our rights in the Constitution actually from god?

Are our rights actually inalienable rights from god? It sounds good, and people want to believe it is true. However, rights from a god cannot be taken away by men. Are the rights in our Constitution so absolute that we do not have to worry about them being taken away? Sadly, this is not true. Rights can be taken away from men by men. It happens all the time. Stating they come from god does not prevent men from taking them away. Which is why the founders listed specific rights that were needed to preserve freedom. We have the right to bear arms, which liberals want to take away. We have the right to free speech, which liberals and conservatives want to take away for different reasons. These are not rights which you will find in the bible. It is only by standing up for our rights, that we can preserve them. Simply saying that god gives them is no defense against a strong government. The federal government has become much too powerful. We need to get back to our original idea of a limited federal government.

What this means is that the rights we love and defend with our lives are rights we have assigned to ourselves. They are not from god. And unless we are willing to stand up and say "You will not take these rights away from us", they are at risk every day.

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