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Friday, May 13, 2011

Can we prove the Christian god does not exist?

It is impossible to prove a negative. Therefore, it is impossible to prove that god does not exist. However, we can show that each of the known belief systems are incapable of confirming that their god does exist. So, we have to address each religious belief individually to show why they are wrong.

But we also have a shortcut here. The Christians also believe that all the other religions are wrong as well. Therefore, instead of having to go through hundreds of belief systems, we only have to address one, the Christian belief system. If we were talking to a Muslim group, we would only have to their belief system.

So, when we show the Christian belief system is flawed, does that prove there is no god? No, as I already pointed out, that is impossible to prove. But we can show that that the Christian god cannot be real.

There are contradictions in the bible. That is simply a fact. Regardless of the mental gymnastics that Christians go through to try and pretend otherwise, the bible is not the flawless book it is proclaimed to be. Science has shown us that many stories in the bible did not occur or could not occur. While the bible does get some history correct, it is wrong in many places. It is also humorous when Christians try and use the argument that the bible mentions real places and real people as proof that Jesus was a real person. Spiderman and Superman comics mention real people and real places. That hardly makes the characters in these comics real people as well.

There is a battle being waged in the world right now. It is a not a battle between god and the devil. It is a battle between reality and delusion. I expect reality to win out. I hope I am right.

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