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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Is being a good person not enough for god.

So I am watching the movie Armageddon this afternoon, and was thinking about what many Christians have said about salvation. Not sure if you have ever seen the movie, but it is about an asteroid that is so big, it will destroy all life on Earth when it hits. So, the USA sends up a spaceship with people to blow up the asteroid. They overcome many obstacles and finally accomplice their goal. The finale is Bruce Willis overcoming more problems to manually blow up the bomb, sacrificing himself and saving the Earth. As I am watching this, it occurs to me that although we are never told of the heroes religion in the movie (at least that I saw), if he was not a good Christian, he was going to hell after accomplishing this amazing event of saving the entire world. And it hit me that if their belief system is right, if he also needed to believe in the right god, in the right way,  to go to heaven, (or at least not being sent to hell to burn for all eternity) then their god is the most malevolent being ever in the history of the world.

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