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Monday, May 2, 2011

What makes life worth living?

I hear Christians say this all the time. "God in Jesus Christ is the only reason for living."
However our spouses, children, families and friends make life worth living by themselves. There is nothing added to the enjoyment of these relationships by a myth.


  1. These so called "enjoyments" were made possible by our savior Jesus Christ. Are you so unhappy with your life, marriage or work that you feel the need to ask such ridiculous questions? A true Atheist would not bother to ask these things. I do find much humor in your posts. You jump from "Gods Laws of Prophecy to Driving and Shaving."

    Apple Valley, CA

  2. Just what is a true Atheist in your opinion? One who keeps quiet?

    I said in my introduction that I would also have fun with this blog. The Drving and Shaving post was part of the fun ones.