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Monday, May 30, 2011

The fall of man: just whose fault is it really?

What gets glossed over with this story is that god is supposedly all knowing. He therefore knew that Adam and Eve would eat the fruit before he started his creation event. Knowing this information, he stills puts the fruit in the garden and tells them not to eat it, completely aware this prohibition will be ignored. When they eat the fruit, he is furious that they disobeyed him, even though he was fully aware they would disobey him and that they had no choice but to eat the fruit, since that was the only path that completed gods predestined plan. He blames mankind for this action, even though all he had to do was put the tree someplace else, or perhaps allow one of his angels to guard it and make sure no one actually does eat from it. After all, he did put an angel at the entrance of the garden after kicking them out, so that was certainly a possible option for him initially. Or here is an idea. Do not create the tree in the first place and therefore no one would eat from it. And these are the actions of a deity we are told is all knowing and the most intelligent entity in the universe.

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