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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Donald Trump and the Presidency

Donald Trump is a straight talking, speaks his mind, successful businessman. He would also be a disaster as our President.

He is currently leading the pack as the Republican candidate for President. He is a shameless self-promoter, which is a plus in his business operations, but would be useless as the leader of the country. We do not need someone who promotes himself, we need someone who can provide a vision and the leadership to achieve that vision.

His ideas on how to fix the problems in the country as meaningless. When asked about oil prices, he says that all that is needed is someone like him to tell the Middle East leaders that the game is over. That should fix the problem immediately. When asked about China, he says that all that is needed is for him to tell the leaders in China that we will not put up with their actions anymore and will place a 25% tariff on their imports. Besides the fact that this tariff will result in a trade war, that we can ill afford to fight, it overlooks that China has many allies around the globe who will support it in this idiotic economic campaign.

The country has many issues. We need a serious candidate to head the Republican charge against Obama and his policies. Donald Trump in not that person.

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