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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is manmade climate change actually occurring?

This concept is taking the assumptions that:

1) there is climate change occurring
2) that man is responsible or at least mostly responsible
3) that we can actually make any real impact even if we do try and change our behavior.

1. I would cheerfully agree that the climate is changing. It has been changing since the world was formed. The world has gotten warmer and colder many times before people or our evil SUV's existed. It will continue to change for as long as the world exists.

2. The more critical concern. The cause and effects is what is driving this debate. There are many studies showing that the warming trend has slowed or reversed during the last decade. Hence the need to call it climate change instead of global warming. Therefore, no matter what the climate does, it fits the theory. As it is often said about Creation Science, or Intelligent Design, it is a theory that can predict anything, which means it is useless. There was a report out in the last week where it is being projected that the world will be substantially cooler starting in 2014. The world keeps warming and cooling regardless of our activities. I find it fascinating that the roles of atheists and theists have been reserved in this debate. The theists are asking for more proof and definite proof before we start making radical changes to our economy. Normally, it is the atheists asking for the proof. Kind of ironic, really. Now, how do we know that humans are responsible? Why, from computer models. So, once we move beyond computer models, what is the actual proof? It disappears.

3. The real kicker.  We would have to revert to carbon outputs from the 1800’s. That simply is not going to happen. At the recent Copenhagen conference, the participants agreed that even if their proposals were enacted it would not make any difference. So, we are going to commit economic suicide and not even get any benefit from it. I would say that is the real definition of insanity.

Now, having said all that, is it possible that I could be wrong and mankind is responsible? Of course, absolutely. I just believe we should make sure of the data before committing economic suicide. I will also say I believe that science will be the determining factor of what is the truth.

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