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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Where did St Thomas die?

There are six tombs for St Thomas in South India. Two are in San Theme Cathedral at Mylapre, a third on an island SW of Cochin, a fourth in a Syrian Church at Tiruvancode, a fifth in a Shiva temple at Malayattur in Tranancore and a sixth at Kalaymuthur west of Maduri. In addition, there is one in Brazil, one in Germany, one in Japan, one in Malacca, one in Tibet and one in China.

He seems to have died quite often around the world. I would say if he is actually buried in all of these sites, that would constitute a miracle of its own.

For that matter, how did the Ceylon tradition arise then on "Adam's Peak" there, "is the sepulchre of Adam, our first parent", as Marco Polo recorded when there is another tomb of the same Adam that is located in Arabia?

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