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Monday, April 18, 2011

Is the biblical god the moral authority?

I was asked to review a debate. Here is the link.

The argument that if the Nazi’s had won the war and promoted a universal moral code would not make it moral is my favorite. That is exactly the Christian viewpoint. That their version of god has decreed a universal morality that we all should follow. However, that version is not moral. It permits slavery, killing of nonvirgins, disobedient children, unbelievers, false prophets, people who eat shellfish, who wear blended fabrics and those do not shave their beards, It is the complete opposite of a real moral code.

He discusses a competent moral authority. He uses a police officer as the basis for competent authority. However, some police officers (not all or even most) abuse their authority. Just because they have a badge does not make them competent. The biblical god is also not a competent moral authority, for the same reason already posted.

In part 5, he says that gods will is unknown, but then also says that gods will is the basis for morality. If it is unknown, it cannot be “KNOWN” as the basis for anything. Since it unknown, it could be the basis for evil or stupidity. We would never know since it is unknown.

He says it is not relevant to the discussion if god exists. However, his entire argument is that without god, there is not a basis for morality. Of course it is relevant if god exists. If god does not exist, his entire argument is pointless. (To be frank, his entire argument IS pointless, but let’s let that stand on its own for now). Of what value is there to say that there must be a god for moral understanding if there is no god. That is the silliest thing he states.

Now what he does not mention is that the bible says god created evil in the first place. Isaiah 45.7. Since god created evil, it is funny that it also says it is godless.

Harris points out out that we have the benefit of 21st century knowledge, as opposed to the 1st century knowledge of the disciples or the 6th century knowledge of the muslims. On what basis do we know that the stories of the bible are evil? We can say we think the bible is the basis for morality, but we do not agree with how we live our lives. We do not allow slavery or the stoning of non virgins. We know that is not moral behavior, even though the bible says it is.

Now, what gets really interesting is the idea that without god there is no morality. I would say without people or societies, there is no reason for the idea of morality. If there was only one person left in the world, who would care if he cussed, destroyed a bible or masturbated? You can say that god would object, but we both know nothing would happen to that person from a god.

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