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Friday, April 8, 2011

Defending the First Amendment

This is what a Christian wrote in regards to a debate over the First Amendment. "Here we go again: Christians defending the First Amendment’s provision for violating the First Commandment! What’s wrong with us?
See “Amendment 1: Government-Sanctioned Polytheism” at"
  • Because it is part of the Constitution and the law of the land. It also provides protections for you that you seem unwilling to acknowledge. If the Constitution allowed for only one faith, you assume it would be Christianity. However, what version of that faith? There are thousands of different Christian sects. The Catholics and Protestants continually fight over who has the proper understanding of the bible. Just as the Sunni’s and Shiites fight over their government in Islamic countries, you would see the same thing occur here.
    It is also possible that a different faith could be proclaimed as the law of the land. The Constitution would have to be changed to permit Christianity as the one faith allowed and it could be changed again to make the faith Islam or Scientology.
    The founders were wise people. They drafted a document that permits people of all faiths and beliefs a society that allows us to live in peace with each other.
  •  Opponent
    You don’t understand – I’m not for changing the Constitution at all; I’m for some day abolishing altogether and doing it right the next time!
    • Jeff Dixon says:
      You still miss the point of the protections it provides you. You might be very surprised at the type of society you would end up with if your fantasy ever became reality. Take a look at the religious wars that Europe went through with the Catholics and Protestants insisting that the governments be established with their version of Christianity as dominant.
      And thank you for confirming that some Christians do want to establish a theocracy here in the USA. That comment gets made by secularists and dismissed by many Christians far too often.

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