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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Predestination vs Free Will

If predestination occurs, then it makes no difference what choices we decide upon. Whether I believe I am choosing A or B, I will still end up with the result that god decided (forced) upon for me. For free will to have any relevance, my fate cannot be known in advance.

However, there is also the issue that the biblical god is considered all knowing. If he knows everything, he knows my fate in advance. Again, my choices are meaningless, since the choices I make are preprogrammed to end up with a single result. It makes no difference to say he knows the result, but still allows me the choices to achieve my fate. If the outcome is known in advance, then the game is rigged from the beginning.

It also makes it meaningless to say god loves everyone equally. If he knows I am damned and you are saved, based on the choices we are predestined to make, then he already knows I will end up in hell and is unwilling to do anything to advert my fate, even though I also cannot do anything to change it. He is therefore, choosing favorites. Christians often say that you need to let Jesus in your life. However, they also say that only god can decide to save someone. How can you decide to let Jesus in your life if god has already decided not to allow that to occur? And if only god can decide to save someone, how does my free will choices have any bearing on this issue?

Then you add the element of prayer into the equation. Prayer cannot change anything in a predestined situation as the outcome was already decided. If god decides to "answer" a prayer, then the outcome has been changed and it was never predestined. However, you can also argue that the reason the prayer was answered is BECAUSE it was predestined. Therefore, the prayer was simply part of the script and god did not change anything, he simply fulfilled his original design. Prayer is, therefore, useless.

Free will and Predestination are two concepts which are in complete opposition to each other. They are mutually exclusive.

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